June 28, 2011

hey to everyone... Here is just a quick update.. whats going on and stuff like that... So I am working in Dresden right now.. It's pretty tough... because it's freaking hot.. and I have to run around 10 hours every day in the city and talk to about 500 people in a day.... gnaaahaaaa... so I am really tired.... So please dont forget me!! I will come back with some great photos I made.... and who knows where I will be next week?!? LOVE & LIGHT to you all! Nice summerholday.. We will see us in 11 days! :)


  1. woar, dann bist du ja ganz in meiner nähe (=

  2. hey ich brauch einmal deine mailadresse oder so :) kontaktier mich mal unter somelostgirl@googlemail.com