May 22, 2012

today my new wire compartment locker arrived. i really love this locker! i bought it just some days ago, so the shipping was pretty fast. now we have some more storage, which we really need. here you can see a picture in total.
this flat is becoming more and more our home. i really enjoy ordering new little things, buying decoration stuff and stealing flowers for our new vase. we still have to do a lot in here, but for the moment i am the happiest!


  1. Oh wow, das Drahtschränkchen gefällt mir sehr!
    Hab ich noch nirgends gesehen. Tipp wo man das hier bekommen kann? :)

  2. hey :) also wir haben den schrank in einem englischen onlineshop gekauft.. denk mal nicht, dass die nach deutschland liefern? aber kannst denen ja vielleicht mal schreiben:

    viel glück!