September 16, 2012

after 12 boring hours at the airport... we started our joruney to france! the flight was really good, because we were both totally knocked out and slept the whole time. when we arrived in france it was superhot outside, i swear it was so freaking hot.... the rest of our stay was filled with great music, lovely people, delicious food and a lot of card games :) the big party was on saturday.. i found myself coming home in the morning and just feeling completly happy. on monday we already had to leave and so we started our adventure back. we almost missed our flight and back in stansted i had to cheer myself up with some icecream before we had to sit around 4 more hours in buses, which brought us home in the evening. i really miss travelling around so much... my heart beats faster when i am on the road! i already started to plan some new trips :)

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