February 15, 2013

i cryed today because i feel blessed and happy. the last 2 months were the roughest and hardest time i ever had to go through.... but now i am sitting here. i am happy. it's not a lie i need to tell myself any longer. i am just happy.

so many things changed... i ll try to say it in a short way: i am single bee now and i feel more than just happy about it, i moved to berlin in december. i was homeless for the last 2 months, but today is the first day in my new (unbelievable beautiful) flat....its nice to be back. i missed my camera a lot.


  1. sieht nach einer wunderbaren wohnung aus, schön, dass du glücklich bist. :)

  2. oh, wow, your flat looks really nice! good to hear that you are happy!

  3. alles gute wünsch ich dir! darf ich fragen in welchem bezirk du wohnst und über wem du die wohnung gefunden hast? bin auch auf der suche, leider erfolglos. liebe grüße