April 11, 2013

i know that i deffinitly have to start update my blog more often, but to be honest? time is running away from me right now! just worked 2 weeks late shift... or lets say it in better words... did not have a minute to relax in the last 2 weeks! even my weekend was fully planned, but happily only with great things! i went to the 6h session from alle farben in the club astra last friday. i mean it was more than amazing! saturday and sunday was birthdaypartytime at a friend's place! so tomorrow is finally friday and this weekend is going to be good as well... again no time to rest, but i think i ll sleep when i am dead one day! :)

“One of the simplest ways to stay happy is to let go of all the things that make you sad.”

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  1. Yummmmmmmmmmmy, das erste Foto!