March 10, 2013

my mother and my little sister visited me over the weekend. first of course it was so nice to see them again... i normally see my family like once or maybe twice a year since i am 17. so the time we spent together was special for me. they also came with a van loaded with boxes and stuff.... now i have almost all my things here. i took some detail shots from my flat. there is still chaos, but i think i will be finished with moving in soon :) in this photo you can see my sleeping area... and here the rest of the chaos (and my friend tori). so yeah there is still a lot to do..we went to ikea yesterday (i love to just walk around see how nice everything looks, ha). my mom bought me some little cute things and i also bought a shelf for the kitchen.... i still need some things, but i will buy them soon. there is just one sad thing, whats bothering me so bad: snow is back here... and its ice cold... i want spring back, now! what do you guys think about my new header? :)

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  1. sind das vor deinem bett auf dem großen bild alles bücher??? sehr schönes zimmer!