July 15, 2013

my favourite horse - guided me home, when i couldnt find my tent :)
Фузион - i am bit late with this post, but good thinks need their time! i went to the fusion about 3 weeks ago... spent there the best 7 days! the first days were a bit rainy/cold, but then it was just wonderful! the area is so huge and filled with amazing selfmade art pieces... so many ideas! the people were beyond nice and friendly, too! "offically" the festival ended on monday, but 2 more floors were open... also there were a lot of private partys on the camping area.... i really loved the time i spent there! Last but not least i drove a car there! (my first time so far!) i did a pretty good job! (its private ground so it was no problem that i dont own a driver's licence)

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