July 23, 2013

so it was quite a busy week... i am trying to fill my flat with some nice hunts... and i also got some little tiny things at ikea. will may show you more, when i ll pick up the stuff from a good friend's place. berlin is unbelivable hot at the moment. i am spending my time mostly with sitting around, trying not to move too much, because it causes to sweat even more... ha! just kidding! of course i am hanging out with my friends, get some tan and do all of this normal yeah-super-stuff :)

there is just one more thing i would like to write down for today. i dont really know why, because i see this whole blog more as a "digital photoalbum" for myself than a normal proper blog, but sometimes its a strange feeling to not receive feedback at all. a lot of people are visiting this blog. why not just leave some words, your opinion or maybe just a quick hey here? 

so i hope maybe few of you guys would be interested in sharing something with me! i would like to use all of this more as a community... to share storys, little ideas or whatever with each other :)
as well if you have a blog and you would like me to take a look at it... feel free to leave a comment!
enjoy some nice summer days! (in my opinion: we dont need any other season!)


  1. ich mag deine bilder und freu mich jedes mal über neue einträge von dir!

  2. ich lese gern von dir, bin wie alle, aber auch einfach immer zu faul, einen kommentar zu schreiben. genieß die warmen tage noch!